Huffman’s are committed to crafting the very
best sauces of their kind in the world

At Huffman’s, we use only the finest natural ingredients; our vinegar for instance takes the team at our distillery in Christchurch nine months to naturally ferment before being distilled and brought to our kitchens, and our fresh Kaffir Lime leaves, used in Huffman’s Thai Sweet Chilli Aromatic Sauce, are delivered within a day or two of picking to our pot by Kaffir Limes Co. who grow them on the Kapiti Coast.

We take our time allowing our sauces to develop a full and balanced flavour before we bottle, like our Original Chilli Pepper Hot Sauce which is barrel matured for a minimum of three months before being strained and bottled.

We hope you enjoy what you discover in every bottle and look forward to embarking on many culinary adventures with you.

Huffman's Crafty Sauces Queen